Lisa’s SurgeryPlus Story: A Better Surgery Experience at No Cost

Before Lisa’s company offered the SurgeryPlus benefit, she paid $2,000 in out-of-pocket costs for a knee surgery. When she used SurgeryPlus for her second knee replacement, it was a different experience, especially the cost. This time, her surgery was free. But more than the cost savings, Lisa raves about the care she received. “I had […]

5 Benefits of a Surgeon-First Center of Excellence Model

Whether it’s low back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, or arthritis, musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions are common, affecting more than 50% of people in the U.S. MSK claims are among the top three costliest conditions for employers and result in 23.2 million lost working days. Employers are increasingly looking to Centers of Excellence (COE) models to reduce costs and guide […]

3 Approaches to Healthcare Centers of Excellence Employers Should Know

The majority of large U.S. companies have a Center of Excellence in place for at least one condition. Musculoskeletal and cancer COEs are expected to see double-digit growth over the next few years. If you’ve been exploring options for expanding your COE program or starting one for the first time, you may have noticed a […]

3 Employer Healthcare Trends to Build a Game Plan for Now

Breakthrough innovations are driving unprecedented advancements in the healthcare industry, improving patient outcomes and enhancing the ways we prevent, diagnose and treat medical conditions. The challenge is that while self-insured employers want to make sure employees can access the best care possible, “big-ticket items” can easily wipe out entire budgets. To prepare for these changing […]