COE Engagement Playbook: Key Incentives to Try

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At Employer Direct Healthcare (EDH), clients that mandate utilization for certain procedures see the highest engagement—80%+. And high utilization pays off for everyone: patients who receive high-quality surgical care are less likely to experience complications and save several thousand dollars on out-of-pocket costs. Thanks to improved outcomes and negotiated rates, employers see significant savings, too. […]

How your employees choose their surgeon impacts outcomes—here’s why

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By Benjamin Sanders, VP, Strategy Imagine an employee at your company needs knee surgery for the first time. Their search criteria for a new surgeon probably looks something like this: Accepts their insurance Close to their home Recommended by a trusted source, like primary care physician or a friend or family member Has positive reviews […]

SurgeryPlus Member Spotlight: Back in the Water After Years of Pain

A Fish Out of Water James “Jimmy” Parker was an active guy spending much of his free time under the Florida sun on the water or the tennis court. Workwise, he was climbing the ranks at NextEra Energy. As his work experiences and responsibilities grew, Jimmy felt optimistic about his future at NextEra and in […]

How Aligned Care Benefits Your Employees

Keeping it simple ensures success While attending the Conference Board Annual Employee Health Care Conference, Bryan Magstadt, SVP Business Development for Employer Direct Healthcare (EDH), noticed two major themes that seemed to resonate throughout the sessions. The first was simplicity. And Magstadt wasn’t surprised “keeping it simple” was the conference’s operative phrase. “With so many different solutions […]