Guidance and Support

The first end-to-end cancer care solution

Guidance and Support

The first end-to-end cancer care solution

Dynamics your members are facing

Cancer is an emotional, complex journey affecting your members and everyone around them.

Individuals seeking care need guidance to feel confident that they have the best possible team and the most appropriate course or site of treatment.

​​​2% of your member base with active cancer drive 20% of total healthcare spend and nearly 40% of those with cancer deplete their life savings to pay for their care.

Rapid advancements in treatment make it challenging to stay up to date and creates uncertainty of whether or not members can access the best care close to home.

With Cancer Care Direct, your members will be better equipped to navigate this journey

Cancer Care Direct

Guided Access & Navigation

We connect your members with Care Guides supported by experienced oncology nurses for appointment details, treatment information, and emotional support—wherever they are in their cancer journey.  

Expert Review & Onsite Consultation

Our team of experts will review your members’ diagnoses and treatment plans and, when necessary, help them access advanced specialists, second opinions, and, when necessary, clinical trials.  

Meaningful Cost Reduction

Our program is focused on appropriately optimizing the site of care and guided support to reduce ER visits and in-patient stays – significant drivers of cost. We bring care closer to home by providing care locally where appropriate, saving cost and improving member experience. 

An Experience with Your Members at the Center

We’re here to answer questions and ensure that your members understand the path ahead, that they have confidence in their team and treatment plan, and that their care is optimized for their comfort as well as their financial wellbeing. No one should face cancer alone™.