Comprehensive Surgical Care

For the cases that matter most

Comprehensive Surgical Care

For the cases that matter most

Dynamics facing organizations

The cost of healthcare is rising and organizations must look for ways to reduce costs without sacrificing quality of care or patient experience.

A small subset of employees drive the majority of your healthcare costs and 25% of those costs are surgical cases.

Providers increasingly rely on insured populations to subsidize the uninsured, inflating the real cost of care and making surgery difficult to afford for your members.

Without guidance, individuals seeking care rely on proximity or word of mouth recommendations, leading to variability in the quality of care they receive.

With SurgeryPlus, your members do not have to choose between affordable care and excellent care.


Excellent Surgeons

We rigorously vet surgeons at the individual level, selecting providers based on training in their specialty and a reputational and malpractice review by a board of clinicians in their same field.   

Our network providers have performed specific procedures hundreds of times, so you can be confident your people are in good hands.  

With an industry leading complication rate of <1% and average distance of travel being 23 miles in the top 50 MSAs, your members receive excellent care close to home with SurgeryPlus.

Meaningful Cost Reduction

SurgeryPlus is the market leader in driving savings, up to 50% better than market pricing. By contracting at agreed-upon rates, we are able to halve cost per procedure, dramatically reducing your overall healthcare costs, savings you can pass on to your members when they choose a SurgeryPlus provider. 

Our compensation model aligns our incentives: we make money when your employees choose the SurgeryPlus option. 

Guided Access & Support

Not only do we steer members to the best surgeons available, we steward them through their end-to-end surgical journey and into recovery.

Your employees will be connected to a Care Advocate who knows their case and their course of treatment.

We assist with everything from scheduling, to billing, to transport, making the experience easy at every step.

By guiding members within our network we reduce complication rates to less than 1% and lower plan costs by over 50%.

Our National
Provider Network

Care within reach of every
member we support.

SurgeryPlus is the most accessible and largest network compared to similar centers of excellence. Our members receive excellent care without traveling long distances.