Lisa’s SurgeryPlus Story: A Better Surgery Experience at No Cost

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Before Lisa’s company offered the SurgeryPlus benefit, she paid $2,000 in out-of-pocket costs for a knee surgery. When she used SurgeryPlus for her second knee replacement, it was a different experience, especially the cost. This time, her surgery was free.

But more than the cost savings, Lisa raves about the care she received.

“I had a good experience with my doctor two years ago,” she says. “But if I had a choice moving forward, I would choose my SurgeryPlus surgeon, by far. I had a remarkably positive experience with him, his team and the hospital.”

Top-Rated Care: “I didn’t feel like just a number.”

Even after a coworker shared their positive SurgeryPlus experience with her, Lisa admits she felt uneasy at first. She knew SurgeryPlus would provide savings, but would she receive the same quality outcome she did with her last surgery?

“My surgeon put my mind at ease,” she says. “He did an X-ray on both knees to show me the prosthetic from my previous surgery. He then explained he would use an updated version and there would be no difference in performance. It was so informative, and he really made me feel at ease.”

The SurgeryPlus review process screens for training, outcomes, protocols and more, so only the most qualified surgeons are included. These providers operate in leading facilities of every kind, from teaching hospitals to ambulatory surgical centers.

“My confidence never faltered,” Lisa says. “I know they do multiple surgeries a day, but I never felt rushed. I didn’t feel like I was just a number. They gave me all the time I needed and answered all my questions.”

Another sign of a good surgeon is how much education they provide to make sure patients know what to expect before, during and after the procedure.

“The team was honest with me,” Lisa says. “They weren’t just trying to get me to go along with them.”

Low-Stress Surgery Day: “It was so comforting.”

The SurgeryPlus network offers local, inclusive access, with 98% of members within driving distance of their provider. Lisa’s surgery was performed in her home city of St. Louis.

“The surgical assistant made sure I knew everything I needed to, down to which door to enter at the hospital since I was arriving early in the morning and some doors would be locked,” Lisa says. “She showed a lot of care to make sure I had a good experience.”

Prior to her surgery, the entire surgical team met with her and her husband to introduce themselves and answer any questions.

“It blew me away,” Lisa adds. “I didn’t have that experience with my last surgery. It was so comforting. I had no reservations that I was being cared for with high skill.”

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