Key Takeaways: How a unified care experience improves MSK outcomes

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Employer spending on musculoskeletal (MSK) care increases every year—but like in much of healthcare, higher costs haven’t led to better outcomes.

Solutions for digital physical therapy and surgical Centers of Excellence (COE) for orthopedic care help reduce costs and improve outcomes. But the proliferation of so-called “point solutions” has led to employee confusion and fatigue for HR leaders. That’s why 86% of benefits leaders look for an integrated experience across solutions.

The relationship between Accolade, Hinge Health, and Employer Direct Healthcare’s SurgeryPlus program does just that. In this webinar, we discussed how integrated solutions create a better member experience, more savings and better outcomes for employees and employers alike.

Key takeaways: 

  • Employees aren’t always sure how to translate their situation into the descriptions of benefits they received in open enrollment. That confusion can prevent them from using their resources and instead lead them to ask friends and family for references, which doesn’t necessarily guide them to the best care. 
  • Instead, they need someone to talk to about symptoms and understand the resources they have. In the example of musculoskeletal pain, a connected ecosystem can help employees avoid surgery altogether through digital PT or, if needed, find a high-quality surgeon who delivers excellent outcomes.
  • A Hinge Health study found that members who used Hinge before surgery had fewer complications and shorter hospital stays. SurgeryPlus surgeons deliver a near-zero (0.6%) complication rate. Bringing these solutions together in a connected ecosystem can lead to the best outcomes for employees.
  • Accolade provides navigation and proactive outreach based on claims data and other insights. This closed-loop reporting led to a 20% increase in SurgeryPlus utilization among customers. Since EDH negotiates 50-60% lower rates than carriers’, the savings quickly add up as utilization increases.
  • Employees with access to digital physical therapy and excellent surgeons see better outcomes, and employers see greater savings. Shared customers between Hinge Health and EDH see a 3.2X ROI. 


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