What Algorithms Can’t Tell You About a Surgeon

By Ryan Burke, Chief Network Officer, Employer Direct Healthcare (EDH) AI alone can’t tell you whether someone is the right surgeon for you. Only people can do that. Although there are websites and apps focused on automatically sorting and ranking facilities, and even the surgeons that operate at those facilities, at EDH we believe that […]

Key Takeaways: What Does “Quality” Really Means in COEs?

Self-insured employers considering Center of Excellence (COE) solutions for MSK and bariatrics run into a significant challenge: There is no standard definition of what “excellence” means. Even if there were, not all surgeons in a facility deliver the same quality of care. In this webinar, we discussed how a surgeon-first approach to assessing quality leads […]

How Hyatt Hotels Connects Colleagues with Quality Care and Saves Millions Through SurgeryPlus

One of the most recognizable hotel and resort management corporations in the world, Hyatt Hotels prides itself on taking great care of its more than 200,000 workers across 1,350 properties in 69 countries. The hotelier provides a strong benefits ecosystem to support their colleagues, from mental health support to diabetes management and physical therapy services. […]

Are Your Employees with Cancer Getting the Right Care?

The words, “you have cancer” are shocking, and what follows is plenty of uncertainty, overwhelm and a host of emotions for patients and caregivers alike. Fortunately, there has been a rapid pace of innovation in genetic testing, diagnostics and drugs. Getting access to these breakthrough treatments, on the other hand, isn’t always straightforward. “Cancer care […]