SurgeryPlus to Partner with the Health Transformation Alliance

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Employer Direct Healthcare (“EDH”), the leading solution in the surgical benefit category, announced today its partnership with the Health Transformation Alliance (“HTA”) to bring high-value, fixed-fee surgical contracts to many new cities where these options do not currently exist.  Under the partnership, SurgeryPlus® will offer benefits to both HTA hospital and HTA employer members.  Hospital members will benefit through creation and offering of direct services to the SurgeryPlus® member base, and the employer members from new best-in-class surgical benefits in hundreds of locations, under preferred pricing with streamlined implementation processes.

“The HTA’s mission is to identify the most innovative and effective solutions in the marketplace to empower providers and patients alike to arrive at better health outcomes.  SurgeryPlus® provides the most robust network, compelling quality standards and proven financial results across the largest membership base in this category.  Their team has delivered outsized value already for some of our members, and that track record, along with the significant interest from additional HTA members and a unique product offering, made SurgeryPlus® an easy choice as a preferred partner for the HTA.  We are eager to put them in place for many of our interested members in 2021 and beyond” explained Lee Lewis, Chief Strategy Officer and General Manager of Health Benefits for the HTA.

EDH CEO, John Zutter, explained “the HTA is a key driver of innovation in the health benefits space, operating on behalf of some of the most sophisticated companies in the U.S.  At Employer Direct, we similarly look to be a force of positive change in the healthcare space, with a focus on quality of care, member experience and fair pricing.  Our alignment in mission makes this partnership particularly exciting for us.  While we have partnered with a number of HTA plan sponsors over the years, through this partnership, we are now positioned to bring our services to their full membership.”

HTA members will also have the ability to access additional EDH capabilities or offerings, including the Hinge Health Digital Musculoskeletal Clinic™ and EDH’s comprehensive oncology bundle solution, the first of its kind in the industry.  The benefits of the partnership will be accessed through current and forthcoming agreements between EDH, the HTA and its members.

Health Transformation Alliance
The Health Transformation Alliance is a cooperative of 58 of America’s leading employers that have come together to fix our broken healthcare system. With responsibility for more than 4 million lives in the United States and a collective annual health care spend of $27 billion, the member companies of the HTA have combined their resources, knowledge, and experience to transform the way healthcare is delivered. To that end, the HTA has developed value-driven solutions in data and analytics, pharmacy, medical and consumer engagement specifically designed to improve patient care and economic value.

About Employer Direct Healthcare and SurgeryPlus®
Employer Direct Healthcare is a market-leading health care services business providing high-quality and cost-efficient solutions for self-funded employers and their members. The company’s core product, the SurgeryPlus® benefit, provides full-service surgical concierge and network services to nearly two million covered members. The company helps members access quality providers, helping employers and their plan participants dramatically reduce surgical costs while providing the most desirable outcomes for members. To learn more about Employer Direct Healthcare | SurgeryPlus®, please visit

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