Employer Direct Healthcare Announces SurgeryPlus® Benefit at Envision Healthcare

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Employer Direct Healthcare is excited to announce SurgeryPlus® is now available to Envision Healthcare members. Beginning January 1, 2021, Envision Healthcare began offering Employer Direct Healthcare’s SurgeryPlus® benefit, a supplemental benefit providing surgical concierge services with a focus on quality care, lower costs, and a better member experience.

The approximately 32,000 members participating in Envision Healthcare’s health plan will have access to the SurgeryPlus® benefit’s full-service health care concierge for over 1,400 non-emergent procedures. When they choose to utilize the SurgeryPlus® benefit, members will be paired with their own dedicated Care Advocate. Their Care Advocate will assist them with everything from their selection of a surgeon, to scheduling appointments, transferring medical records, and even arranging travel, removing the stress and confusion often associated with planning for medical care.

As an added benefit, when participants elect to use a participating surgeon through the SurgeryPlus® benefit, Envision Healthcare will waive member deductible and/or coinsurance obligations.

Envision Healthcare’s first priority is caring for patients. Envision Healthcare works alongside clinicians, payors, hospitals, and health systems in the quest to create healthier communities. Whether in a hospital or outpatient setting, Envision Healthcare physicians and clinicians are dedicated to delivering high-quality, patient-focused care. They treat millions of patients yearly, from the common cold to a life-threatening emergency, and they work hard provide care and comfort to those in need.

John Zutter, CEO of Employer Direct Healthcare commented, “We are extremely excited to offer the benefit of SurgeryPlus® to Envision Healthcare. As an Envision Healthcare partner, we look forward to close collaboration and the opportunity to provide a superior solution to serve the needs of Envision Healthcare’s employees and dependents.”

About Employer Direct Healthcare and SurgeryPlus®

Employer Direct Healthcare is a market-leading health care services business providing high-quality and cost-efficient solutions for self-funded employers and their members. The company’s core product, the SurgeryPlus® benefit, provides full-service surgical concierge and network services to nearly two million covered members. The company helps members access quality providers, helping employers and their plan participants dramatically reduce surgical costs while providing satisfying outcomes for members.

To learn more about Employer Direct Healthcare | SurgeryPlus®, please visit www.edhc.com

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