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John’s SurgeryPlus Story: “Incredible” Care From Start to Finish

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When dealing with healthcare expenses, surprises are rarely a good thing. But as school administrator John P. was planning how to pay for an upcoming surgery, he received a welcome surprise in the mail: a flyer about SurgeryPlus sharing that he could get the surgery he needed at no cost to him.

“I had no clue this was a benefit afforded to me through my employer’s health plan,” John says. “I thought, ‘This is too good to be true. Where’s the catch?’ But I made a phone call, got hooked up with a great Care Advocate and ended up having a procedure done at no cost to me. I still can’t believe it.”

Advocacy that Goes Above and Beyond

Any SurgeryPlus member utilizing the benefit gets paired with a dedicated Care Advocate to assist with everything from scheduling and care coordination to advocating and recovery. John rates his experience with his advocate, Katie, an enthusiastic 10/10 from start to finish.

“From the very beginning, she was explaining to me what the benefit actually covered, setting up appointments with my specialists, and booking hotels for my procedure,” John says. “She followed up after my surgery just to ask me how I was feeling, and then again a couple weeks later to arrange anything that I needed for my post-op appointment. So really from step one all the way through the end, my care advocate was incredible.”

Top-Notch Medical Care

Care Advocates match members with the best surgeons for their cases. Each SurgeryPlus surgeon is individually vetted using criteria like fellowship training, procedure volume and outcomes. Our surgeons deliver a less than 1% complication rate compared to the industry average of 8-15%.

“To say I was satisfied with the quality of care I received from my providers would be a gross understatement,” John says. “From the doctor and nurses to the anesthesiologist and receptionist, the care I got was incredible.”

No Strings Attached

John says his greatest surprise throughout his experience with SurgeryPlus was that everything happened as advertised, with no strings attached. Since his gastroenterology surgery, he has recommended SurgeryPlus to his peers, friends, and “anyone who will listen.”

“I’m getting the same reaction I felt initially, which is, ‘Hey, what’s the catch?’ I get to reassure people and tell them there is no catch. There were no loopholes. In fact, I just received reassurance after reassurance that I would get the medical care I needed without having to worry about anything. And that’s exactly the experience I received from beginning to end. It was a tremendous blessing to me and my family.”

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