About EmployerDirect Healthcare

Employer Direct is an innovative healthcare service business that provides a high-quality and cost-efficient solution for large self-funded employers and their members, creating a long overdue and positively disruptive change to the healthcare industry. Our core product, SurgeryPlus®, is a valuable supplemental benefit to employees of large employers with self-funded medical plan benefits, transforming the way employers provide and pay for planned medical procedures. With a national network of 100% board-certified Surgeons of Excellence and high-quality facilities, SurgeryPlus covers hundreds of procedures with pre-negotiated bundled rates, resulting in consolidated costs for each episode of care. Our dedicated Care Coordinators offer full-concierge service to covered members, assisting them with selecting physicians, scheduling appointments, transferring medical records, coordinating logistics and following up post-procedure, reducing unnecessary stress and improving the member experience.

Our Mission
To empower employers and employees in their healthcare decisions by providing choice and accessibility to quality healthcare from top-tier doctors while dramatically lowering the cost for those employers and employees.

Our Vision
To improve the lives of our members and enhance the healthcare experience by continuously developing affordable, top-quality services that put member satisfaction and safety at the forefront.

  • High Quality

    SurgeryPlus has located the nation’s top-quality surgeons. Our high-performance Surgeons of Excellence network includes 100% board-certified providers in many major metropolitan areas across the United States.

  • Low Costs

    Pre-negotiated bundled rates eliminate unexpected medical bills for members post-procedure and lower costs (which could save thousands), with potentially waived deductibles and coinsurance.

  • Great Experience

    A full-concierge service handles the hassle for all members. Dedicated Care Coordinators locate the best-fitting provider for each member, schedule all appointments, coordinate all logistics and follow up post-procedure.