Employer Direct for Providers

Directed Cases
Employer Direct drives incremental patients to fill vacancies. Even the best medical providers and facilities find themselves with empty beds from time to time. While you may be currently marketing your medical facility through other advertisement channels, those efforts are unlikely to bring you qualified patients, unless you have been approved as an “in-network” provider by the patient’s health plan. Additionally, patients from outside your local area are even more likely to be considered “out-of-network.” With Employer Direct, “out-of-network” no longer applies. We drive qualified patients from across the nation to you. Tap into a national pool of patients from institutional employers who are eager to send you not just one patient but many. Over 1,000 of the nation’s top providers have chosen to partner with Employer Direct, making up our elite Surgeons of Excellence network.

Simple Process
Administration is burdensome and timely, all taking away from time that could be spent with new patients. Employer Direct puts time back in your hands. You’ll experience low administration burden plus quick reimbursement. Management of new patients require phone calls, emails, transferring of medical records, appointment scheduling, communications with other medical providers and primary care systems, all making the process a headache. Our dedicated Care Coordinator team manages the entire procedure process for the patients we direct to you. That way you can focus on what you do best, providing excellent medical care.

You’ll also eliminate frustration due to insurance companys’ delays. Employer Direct pays providers faster (within less than 14 business days) and are an efficient single source payor on behalf of the employer’s plan.

Improved Patient Case Mix
With Employer Direct, you’ll improve your case mix for more stability and predictability in managing your medical facility. You’ll always have the opportunity to review patient cases, offer a pre-treatment consult then accept the patients you with to treat or decline cases that you don’t feel are good candidates. Take control over who you choose to treat, while simultaneously improving your case mix.

Enhance Your Reputation
Be part of an elite, national network, one that providers take pride in and want to be a part of. Unlike other medical facilities who aren’t part of our Surgeons of Excellence network, you’ll attract patients from around the country, no matter what their insurance. That’s because Employer Direct operates outside the normal insurance limitations, enabling you to enhance your well-earned national reputation by treating patients from across the nation.

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