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Adding Value to Your Benefits Offering

Set-Up For Success

Whether you’re interested in adding SurgeryPlus or CareCentral there are three things that will make our solutions successful in your benefits ecosystem:

Quality Care

The size and quality of our network sets us apart. Quality is the most important element of our solution, and our standards are highly rigorous.  Our approach begins with the specialist physician; a low-quality doctor will lead to a poor result even at a leading facility. We fully vet every specialist in our network, ensuring they meet our robust standards. We also review each facility across a broad range of stringent metrics.  Through this process, our nationally distributed network in major metropolitan areas helps ensure that your plan members can access affordable top-quality care they can rely upon.

Member Experience

Our Care Advocates guide members through the SurgeryPlus experience from start to finish. Always aware and understanding that these are often challenging times for members, our Care Advocates answer every question, big or small, with the utmost consideration and compassion

Financial Impact

Costs continue to rise uncontrollably in healthcare, impacting both employers and plan members alike.  Through our solution, we reduce this financial burden for everyone. 

Employer Direct Healthcare believes in affordable, quality healthcare made possible through pre-negotiated rates, simplified billing, reduced administrative overhead and increased manageability, making a positive impact on patients and your business.

Our solutions are designed and built to improve the benefits ecosystem of employers. We offer pre-negotiated, bundled case rates for hundreds of the most common, highest volume, planned medical procedures. Bundled rates for an episode of care include all services associated with the procedure, including:

  • Physician fees
  • Anesthesia fees
  • Facility fees 

Network Attributes

~400 Facilities and 1500+ procedures

Inpatient and Outpatient

Typically, a car ride away

Fair pricing

Facility & Surgeon Credentialing




Site of Care

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