Frequently Asked Questions

Why do employers use EmployerDirect?
EmployerDirect is the only delivery model that can direct employees to quality providers for better outcomes.
We offer transparency in a healthcare delivery system based on quality and cost. Employers are able to give employees a new benefit that helps with high-cost claims, especially as they transition to high deductible health plans.

What is the expected volume of patients?
Although we cannot anticipate patient volume, we can guarantee that as we grow our clients and drive adoption with their members, that will give us the opportunity to direct more patients your way as one of our preferred providers.

How many providers will you contact within a specific market?
As we continue to bring on new clients, we will monitor our network and ensure that we can provide the care they need while keeping our network to a select number of providers.

Would joining the EmployerDirect network disrupt current contracts?
The EmployerDirect network is proprietary, confidential, and unpublished.
Provider information and pricing is never shared with employers, third party administrators or carriers.