Employer Direct for Employers

Employer Direct provides SurgeryPlus, a supplemental healthcare benefit for employers that direct planned medical procedures to high quality providers that can be added at any time of the year.

Surgeons of Excellence Drive Better Outcomes
With SurgeryPlus, plan members have access to an elite, national network of rigorously screened providers and facilities who are all 100% board-certified and have undergone a significantly more intensive screening process than other networks, including specialized training and fellowships. Our providers are all committed to helping your members have smooth procedures in order for employees to return to work healthier, happier and sooner. With SurgeryPlus, employee satisfaction will increase. It’s a win-win. You and members both receive savings without sacrificing quality.

Our Surgeons of Excellence network expands across the United States in all major, key metropolitan areas, ensuring members have easy access to the nation’s top providers.

Bundled Case Rates Provide Low Costs, Predictability and Manageability
For large companies with self-funded health insurance, surgeries and other planned procedures can be extremely costly.

Employer Direct believes in affordable healthcare. We offer pre-negotiated, bundled case rates for hundreds of the most common, highest volume planned medical procedures. Bundled rates for an episode of care include:

• Physician fees
• Anesthesia fees
• Facility fees, including certain diagnostic and pharmacy fees

Pre-negotiation result in simplified billing, reduced administrative overhead and increased manageability for your business. Employers will experience 30%–50% in savings and may save from 6%-10% on overall healthcare spend.

Increase Employee Satisfaction with a Great Member Experience
Needing surgery can be overwhelming. From locating a top-quality surgeon, scheduling multiple appointments, transferring medical records, dealing with unexpected medical bills, setting up travel – it’s complicated. SurgeryPlus takes care of it all. Our full-concierge Care Coordinator service handles the entire procedure process, from scheduling to post-procedure follow up. They ensure members are completely satisfied with their procedure experience.

Hundreds of Non-Emergent Procedures Covered
Hundreds of the most common, non-emergent planned procedures are covered with SurgeryPlus.

Drive Utilization With a Tailored Communications Plan
Utilization is key to success. That’s why your dedicated Account Executive and our Marketing team analyze your member base to develop a tailored, effective communications plan to ensure your employees are always keeping SurgeryPlus top of mind. Not only will Employer Direct partner with you to support all design, creation and management of executing the marketing plan free of charge, we track each piece of collateral’s performance. That way you know what your employees respond best to and which pieces drive the most utilization, returning the highest ROI.