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Better together

We don’t intend to tackle all of healthcare by ourselves – we proactively work with partners with similar visions.

We are confident in the effectiveness of our solutions, but we know that working together can create an even bigger impact than when we go it alone. Whether you’re a TPA, broker, health aggregator or another solution innovator, we welcome the opportunity to explore working together to improve access to affordable, top-quality care for millions of people across America.

Employer Direct Healthcare has experienced great success with several well-coordinated best-in-class partners.  Our partnerships have been able to:

  • Give partners access to high-quality providers at fair prices
  • Provide reliable access to specialty care for reference-based plans
  • Broaden the experience to include virtual care
  • Provide access to second opinion services
  • Increase utilization for partners
  • Submit claims to TPA for billing purposes

The proof is in our partners

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