Key Takeaways: What Does “Quality” Really Means in COEs?

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Self-insured employers considering Center of Excellence (COE) solutions for MSK and bariatrics run into a significant challenge: There is no standard definition of what “excellence” means. Even if there were, not all surgeons in a facility deliver the same quality of care. In this webinar, we discussed how a surgeon-first approach to assessing quality leads to better outcomes, accessibility, and results.

Key takeaways:

  • The average person doesn’t have an easy way to find quality surgeons. This is a problem because on average, complication rates range from 8-15% 
  • Surprisingly, around one-third of surgeons in a given market aren’t board certified. Of those, another third aren’t fellowship trained. Look for a solution that only includes surgeons with the specialized training associated with lower complications.  
  • Matt Harmon from AutoZone shared that his company has saved nearly $15M through SurgeryPlus and he regularly hears from AutoZoners who say the benefit has changed their lives.


Hear more about AutoZone’s experience with SurgeryPlus.

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