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We transform access to excellent care. We provide guided access to excellent care for the cases that matter most.

Vision - How We Show Up

Our style, our values, and our intentions in all that we do. They set the tone for the spirit of what we are here to achieve.

Shedding LIGHT: Our Pillars

Our pillars describe how we show up. They define our style, our values, and our intentions in all that we do. We can use these pillars to check that everything we create, launch, say, and do is on brand for Direct Healthcare. Together, they set the tone for the spirit of what we are here to achieve.

Logic: This is our DNA. It’s also the language of our buyers. We bring clarity to the chaos of healthcare, breaking down complex problems and building back up simply, based on first principles.

Inclusion: We believe that good outcomes should be accessible to all. Our internal team makeup should reflect our member base.

Grit: Our leadership embodies this value. It is what makes people a good fit for our organization. Grit is what is needed to get things done, to drive lasting change. Providers understand this. It is required of all our partners to tackle the challenges ahead.

Humanity: Caring for people is about treating them with compassion. We care about individuals and their journeys.

Truth: Transparency is missing in healthcare. But truth as a core value is a level higher. It’s a commitment to knowledge and education, even when we haven’t been asked a question. Truth has to do with honesty and doing the right thing (even if we don’t get the credit).

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Employer Direct Healthcare

At Employer Direct Healthcare, democratizing healthcare means facilitating equal access to high quality care at fair prices for our membership, without regard to age, ability, gender, geography, race, color, sexual orientation, identity, religion or socio-economic status. 

As the leader in our space, we understand that being a diverse, equitable and inclusive organization is key driver of our success, and fosters innovation, growth, creativity, and accountability. 

We focus on three core beliefs:

  • Diversity: The ideal team is one that reflects the diversity of the communities we serve, including all the differences that make each individual unique
  • Equity: Recognizing and celebrating difference of perspective and experience is critical to help everyone achieve their potential 
  • Inclusion: An environment that is welcoming to all creates a sense of belonging and will maximize results.

Our Commitments:

With respect to diversity, equity and inclusion, we focus on three key commitments:

  1. Talent: We will explore all channels to identify, attract and retain a team with diverse backgrounds and perspectives
  2. Culture: We will foster a culture that nurtures and values that which makes us different as much as that which we hold in common.
  3. Impact: We will hold ourselves accountable to these values and beliefs across all areas of our business, and look to make a positive difference both within the company and in the communities we serve.


Employer Direct Healthcare Founded

Employer Direct Healthcare (EDH) was founded in Austin, Texas

DCP Acquisition

Dundon Capital Partners acquired a controlling stake in EDH

Dallas, TX

Relocated to Dallas, Texas

Million Lives

Hit 1,000,000 members 

Growth Investment

Significant growth investment from Serent Capital

Growth Investment

Employer Direct Healthcare receives significant growth investment from Red Mile, driving product expansion

2021 & beyond
New Partnerships

Focus on growth partnerships, product evolution, current and future client success 

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