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  • Dr. Martin Makary, M.D., M.P.H, surgeon and public policy researcher at Johns Hopkins University and New York Times best-selling author, partners with Employer Direct Healthcare to advise on quality standards for appropriateness of care and cost for its solutions
  • Christi Walsh, MSN, CRNP, Director of Clinical Research and Nurse Practitioner at Johns Hopkins partners with Employer Direct Healthcare, advising on the development of the nurse navigation component of their comprehensive end-to-end oncology solution

DALLAS, MARCH 29, 2022 — Employer Direct Healthcare (EDH), a leader in specialty healthcare solutions, today announced the addition of two thought leaders at Johns Hopkins to the team advising the company’s overarching approach to quality standards for its comprehensive end-to-end oncology and SurgeryPlus® solutions. Dr. Martin Makary, M.D., M.P.H., surgeon and public policy researcher at Johns Hopkins University, and Christi Walsh, MSN, CRNP, Director of Clinical Research and Nurse Practitioner at Johns Hopkins Medicine will share their clinical expertise and passion for public health and policy reform in support of EDH’s mission of providing high-quality care at fair prices.

EDH is collaborating with Johns Hopkins University on a research study to demonstrate the impact of surgeon selection on cost and health outcomes. The peer-reviewed research, which is anticipated to be complete in June of this year, leverages a large data set to determine how the company’s SurgeryPlus solution approaches quality when selecting physicians for its members. Additionally, Makary and Walsh are sharing their 20+ years of oncology experience to advise on how EDH will build the navigation component of its oncology solution. Their efforts will help inform how patients remotely access the expertise of NCI-designated cancer centers locally, which will reduce the need for patients to be transferred between sites of care throughout their treatment.

In addition to his career pioneering surgical oncology and gastrointestinal surgery, Dr. Makary is an advocate for disruptive innovation and transparency in healthcare. He has published extensively on patient safety and worked in a leadership role with the World Health Organization to develop quality measures, making him an excellent partner to assist EDH in keeping their provider, care, and cost quality measures aligned with people receiving affordable, top-quality care for their health and well-being. 

“Healthcare delivery, policy, and technology advancements are happening at a pace we’ve never seen before” stated John Zutter, CEO, Employer Direct Healthcare. “Working with Dr. Makary to ensure the development and application of our quality standards align with those advancements to help drive the changes that are necessary in healthcare, ensures our solutions will continue delivering on the level of care, patient experience and savings we promise.”

Dr. Makary shared, “Our healthcare system is broken due to inappropriate care and pricing failures. Partnering with companies like EDH on their solutions to help employers and their employees manage healthcare costs is one of the most concreate ways to bring about change. I look forward to the advancements we can achieve together in healthcare appropriateness through the surgery and oncology solutions offered by EDH.”

The expertise Christi and Dr. Makary have in oncology make them well-suited to guide the design of the oncology navigation program included in EDH’s end-to-end oncology solution which will democratizing access to best-in-class expertise based on patient need. As stated by Dickon Waterfield, Chief Strategy Officer at EDH, “Nurse navigation and support is a fundamental component of our oncology solution. We are fortunate to have Christi, an accomplished and compassionate clinician who is committed to redesigning healthcare to improve the quality and cost of care, as our partner in this endeavor.”

Walsh shared “With the strides we’re making in cancer care and research, it’s equally important  we continue to address the patient experience along the way. The comprehensive solution EDH is bringing to the oncology space will help connect the fragmented experience many patients and caregivers have when trying to find the best, more appropriate care. Nurse navigation is a significant component to making that a reality and I look forward to being a partner in making that happen.”   

About Employer Direct Healthcare and SurgeryPlus®

Employer Direct Healthcare is a market-leading healthcare services business providing high-quality and cost-efficient solutions for self-funded employers and their members. The company’s solutions transform healthcare for its members, facilitating access to top-quality care at fair prices nationwide.

Employer Direct Healthcare’s first product, SurgeryPlus®, is the market-leading surgical benefit, providing full-service concierge and network services to millions of covered members across hundreds of employers. In 2022, the company will launch a first of its kind, comprehensive end-to-end oncology solution.

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Dickon Waterfield, Chief Strategy Officer